Grazing Tables – what, why & how

Grazing tables?? You have probably heard the term grazing table thrown around the place lately, as everyone seems to be getting in on the act. They are a great way to host a party. When done well they will allow you as the host to mingle with your guests on the day/night and save you the hassle of running around cooking and serving up food the whole time. You will have the pleasure of enjoying the company of your guests.

What is a Grazing table exactly??

A “Grazing Table” is a tablescape filled with artfully arranged meats, cheese, crudités, antipasti as well as seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, decorations, serving utensils, and dishes. It’s a relaxed way for you and your guests to mingle without actually cooking and preparing a formal meal.

Benefits of a grazing table:

  • Food prepared in advance
  • Easy to put together
  • Guests will be impressed
  • Seconds as room decoration as well

Tips on creating impressive grazing tables

  1. The base layer is important: Start with an interesting table or piece of furniture that reflects the overall décor or theme of your party. Unique table cloths can hide the plainest of tables.
  2. Think location, location, location: Make sure you have enough room around your table for guests to get to everything. You really don’t want your table to be pushed hard up against a wall.
  3. Mix it up: Mix & Match serving dishes to make it more interesting. Create layers with different heights on the table by using cakes stands or boxes to put things on. This will create an interesting layer effect.
  4. Use interesting cutlery and serving utensils: This will add character to your table which will give it an extra special touch.
  5. Keep Food options bite-sized: Don’t include any food that is too big or too messy to eat. The ultimate goal of a grazing table is to be able to eat a little bit of everything. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything to one or two bites maximum.
  6. Don’t leave any white space: When all is said and done, the table should be totally covered in a rainbow of colour. Fill in any gaps with greenery, sprigs of herbs, nuts, or flowers. Be sure to choose flowers without a strong scent so they don’t compete with the food.

One of the best things about grazing tables is that you can cater to many different tastes, food requirements and you can even theme your tables to cuisines or themes if you wish. You can have dessert tables with just sweet food items on them which are a lot of fun, so instead of organising dessert for your group why not have a dessert table to end your evening on a high note.

Gazing tables give you the flexibility to mingle with your guests and really enjoy the moment which is what entertaining should really be all about.