For long weekends down the shack. Fire up the bbq and invite your mates.

This Meal Box is loaded with enough food to keep you satisfied from Breakfast to Dinner w’ snacks in between.

Feed your crew but also enjoy quality time with them because we have done all off the hard work for you.

This box includes:

  • 1 x Marinated butterflied chicken
  • 1 kg Tasmanian premium sausages
  • 4 pack Tasmanian Beef Burgers
  • 1 x Pack Tasmanian lamb chops
  • 1 x Family sized frittata or quiche
  • 2 x Large Alps & Amici seasonal salads ( just think Potato salad, Pasta Salad, coleslaw, roasted vegetable salad, green broccoli salad…….. YUM)
  • 1 x Pack Yorktown Organics or Thirlstane mixed salad leaves
  • 2 x Alps & Amici Butter Chicken meals including steamed cumin rice
  • 2 x Alps & Amici Bolognese meals including pasta
  • 2 x Heat & Eat Meals (perfect for lunch!!!)
  • 1 x Alps & Amici herb roasted potatoes side dish
  • 1 x Alps & Amici sesame & soy broccolini side dish
  • 1 x Alps & Amici Tiramisu dessert
  • 1 x Alps & Amici Seasonal fruit crumble w’ cream dessert
  • 1 Doz Tasmanian free range eggs
  • 1 x 250gm pack Scottsdale Bacon
  • 1 x 200gm Hummus dip for snacking
  • 1 x 175gm packed Tasman sea salt crackers
  • 1 x packer Boulder Canyon Chips

All this to keep you and your crew happy all weekend long.  Now all that is left to do is RELAX……….