Tip #1: Make your own pizza bases:

*There are many options to choose from. Choose one that suits your abilities

This is a great way to impress your friends or to create a special Sunday night dinner. Homemade bases taste and look great, and when topped with our Alps & Amici Passata and toppings of your choice (no more than 3… crucial) you will never want to buy a ready-made base again!

Chef’s tip: use your instincts, (if you think it is too soft… it probably is (add more flour) if you think it’s too dry and crumbly… it probably is (add more liquid) the dough should look smooth and elastically. Prove the dough (let it rise in a covered bowl), knock it back and section it to the size of golf balls then let it prove again.

Use semolina under the base while you roll the dough and while you cook it – this stops the dough from sticking and adds an authentic flavour and texture.

Also… invest in a wood-fired oven. You will never regret it.